Wedding Survival Pack - You won't believe this but...

Wedding Survival Pack - You won't believe this but...

You won't believe this but........... the girl with hundreds of dresses needed help picking the dress! :) 

Thanks to Snapchat, I was able to get some last minute advice on what to wear to a wedding.   This ABS Gown was so photo capturing with the views. My favorite rental for many clients. I was so glad to finally wear this designer! 

At the end of my California travels, I did want to share with you some must-have items I recommend to all my clients after they pick the perfect dress.

The ulimate survival pack:

  • 1. Safety pins.                                                                                                                                      4 safety pins. I like to have 2 large pins, and 2 small to medium sized pins. Great for temporary alterations, and the occasional unexpected broken anything! Pins, will, save, your, life.


  • 2. Double stick tape.                                                                                                                          Great for hiding bra straps and maybe helping smooth out your neckline in a strapless dress.  I did a brand comparison and have found that the Scotch Fashion Strips work better than the Hollywood Fashion Strips. 

3. Singles of Cash

Chances are you will be receiving great service from the bar, valet, etc. Never forget to tip. 

4. Flats.                                                                                                                                             After a long night, you have every right to switch into a pair of the most comfortable shoes. My Steve Madden Flats are a great neutral option I always leave in my car or oversized hangbag. Prepare , Prepare, Prepare! 


5. Advice- No Photos.                                                                                                                       Okay, less photos is the expression. There are generally professional photographers hired to film the entire night. Chances are, their quality of photos of the bride and groom are immeasurable. Save your battery life, and put your phone away after you take a selfie with the new couple. Be in the moment! Enjoy yourself , and it feels so great to feel connected in real-time! Plus, you will need your phone to hail a cab by the end of the evening. Better yet, you won't lose it!